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Why is it important to clean your carpet?

Some of us are not aware of the consequences of living in with a dirty carpet, or not cleaning it often.
here are some few crucial facts about carpet cleaning:

  • Your carpet can accumulate up to 40 pounds of dirt in a single year
  • A running vacuum has one of the highest amounts of germs coming out of its engine.
  • A dirty carpet can trigger asthma and allergies to the family members.
  • A clean carpet can affect the primary environment in the house.

By not cleaning your carpet, dust and dirt gets inside the fibers and acts like a razor, weaken the material of your carpet and cause fast wear and tear.

How often should you get your carpet cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your carpets every 4-6 months, that to avoid the regular wear and tear, to make sure every stain is still possible to clean.
The longer you don't get your carpet professionally cleaning, the higher the chances of having stains that are unable to remove.

What about pet stains on my carpet?

Besides the unpleasant smell, pet stains on your carpet, such as urine or feces, can, over time, make a substantial general effect on your carpet.

Once your precious pet had an accident on the carpet, it usually goes down to the pad of the carpet over time, if not treated well.
Urine and feces often get remarkably contaminated, putting you and your family at risk of getting an infection.
Our Pet Stains Treatment will disinfect and cut the urine molecule and will eliminate any odors from the carpet.

Stain Removal and Traffic Areas on Carpets

Go Carpet Cleaning excel in removing stains from carpets. We have the knowledge to deal with almost every kind of stain, including high traffic areas, most cases of red wine, colored drinks, food, and any other spills.

How to maintain wall-to-wall carpets?

We Recommend vacuuming your carpet once a week thoroughly.
Getting dust out of the carpet is very important in preserving its life.

Maintain your carpet well to avoid wear and tear to an irreversible condition.
In case of drink spills, use a warm damp cloth and gently soak up the drink, repeat the process until you've reached the desired results.

Using retail carpet cleaning solutions found in most hardware stores and grocery stores can leave harmful residue on the carpet. It can break down the fibers and may be toxic for humans and pets if not rinsed correctly.

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