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We recommend getting your wall-to-wall carpet professionally cleaned every six months.
As dirt gets deep inside the carpet, it causes quicker wear and tear, makes it harder to clean, and can also cause allergies and irritation to your skin.

Drying time varies due to weather and humidity. The average time is 4 hours to dry completely.
Further than that, the dirtier the carpet, the more water we need to use, which might have an impact on the drying time.

The answer to that question is yes, but we don't recommend that. We understand that you live in your house and need to walk from one area to another, try to minimize walking on the carpet until it's completely dry to prevent stains.

Partially, We do move small furniture like dining chairs and small tables.

Yes. We are using only an environment-friendly cleaning solution.

Yes, All our cleaning solutions are non-toxic for humans and pets.

We know how to clean 99% of the stains on the carpet, even strong wine stains, soft drinks, food, traffic areas, and more.

We are providing Carpet Cleaning all over Metro Atlanta Area, GA.
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